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Chinese New Year Show

  The Chinese New Year Show( Spring Festival Gala)is the most significant celebration of The It is a charity community event in Arizona. The Crane Foundation and Arizona Art Academy have been hosted more than 10 years. it’s a grand production. Every year we start fresh. Every detail matters. Our goal? Not just another show. We take our craft beyond the boundaries of performing arts as you know it.



Chinese New Year Show

We had over 1500 in attendance, and received much wonderful feedback from the audience and the community.  Two public Schools in local and small business owners, more than 10 Asian organizations participated. To appreciate our educators and CUSD staff, more than 200 educators and family members received free tickets


Chinese New Year Show

 Our Chinese New Year show is a fashion show, concert, opera, acrobatic and dance performances all rolled into one.  Every year, the audience is amazed to see how our talented team is able to come up with more creative ideas to make our show exciting and fresh! To appreciate our medical field workers in the padamic, all of medical worders and family members received complimentary tickets

2021 AAA Poster_iqiyi.jpg


Chinese New Year Show

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we shifted the Chinese New Year Show to an online livestream, attracting over 100,000 viewers. Friends from around the world joined us in witnessing our spectacular performances, sharing our culture and customs. This was also an innovative attempt to allow everyone to experience global warmth and goodwill through the internet during the pandemic.


Chinese New Year Show

The Chinese New Year Show is an event in Arizona that carries forward the cultural arts of the Chinese nation. It is not only an activity within the Chinese community but also welcomed by people of other ethnicities. It serves as a means of cultural heritage and the sharing of folk traditions. It has always received a warm welcome from the local residents.

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